The Golden Chamber

Representing a chivalric age of glamour and power, the idea of a golden chamber was explored within the creation of this three-storey private residence in Sydney. Integrating light in both the architectural and interior elements, an illusionary effect of infinite space was created, composing bold reflections into sculptural and built forms, magnetising endless lines, shadows and texture.

Inspired by the work of Italian painter and sculptor, Lucio Fontana, we acted to puncture gaps between walls, creating an unknown space between the real and imaginary, inside and out. As Fontana states, “I do not want to make a painting; I want to open up space, create a new dimension, tie in the cosmos, as it endlessly expands beyond the confining plane of the picture”. Illusionary and virtual space is therefore created through the process of manipulating the space between the finish and substrate, taking on new mediums and synthesizing colour, sound and movement.

Throughout the interior, light bleeds through behind custom joinery walls including an underground motor-gallery and bar space featuring a solid bronze backlit bar. Further ceiling light installations act to create dramatic reflections off adjacent Macassar Ebony walls, furniture and objects. Within an expansive, book-matched marble kitchen, bleeding light surrounds a central portal creating a glowing sense of exuberance, alike the warmth of a golden eclipse. The significance and richness of golden light exposed in a contemporary manner has resulted in a residence where light brings on a new purpose and function to magnify and reflect an immersive experience with one’s environment.