The Art of Flight

With a brief to create a luxury bachelor pad we were inspired by the concept of the Art of Flight. In true Sinatra form, high above the clouds, where the air is rarefied, was a bygone era of air-travel. The Golden Age saw the art of flight become something of fantastical dream. A pioneering effort where extreme speed, engineering and aerodynamics became paired with luxury rich craftmanship. This concept of lining a working machine with luxe materiality and supreme comfort, saw us take a new approach when designing an urban inner-city residence.

Bold directional lines of repetition prove to act as a runway, transporting those who enter the deeply rich entry foyer into a realm of serenity and glamour. Each line that directs the viewer, seamlessly connects the softness of the silk carpet to the rich macassar panelling, housing an inset metal line and soft strip lighting that wraps a wall to ceiling upholstered centre-panel.

Referencing the refined experience of flying in a private plane, masculine tones used in navy velvet’s, rich black leather and rare macassar ebony create a sense of warmth – alike an interior of a modern-day jet. Framing each piece of furniture and joinery, the tactility of leather creates a sensuous experience for the modern-day globetrotter.