Nostalgic Illusion

Inspired by the work of fashion designer Iris Van Herpen and her Lucid AW16 Collection the relationship between the individual and the force of nature are explored within the design of a private inner-city residence in Sydney. Acting on a playful dream which extends into the realm of abstract, bold yet calming tones exude off one of Martine Emdur’s paintings which hang insitu in the space.

Within a casual living area, a feeling of being immersed into water creates a subterranean theatre of silence, using a palette of deep and light blues within a bespoke silk rug design which interacts in a sensual wave formation, reminiscing the experience of swimming in the ocean. Further soft furnishings and champagne gold case-pieces, blue agate accents and soft lighting all work to create a whimsical fantasy creating a continual feeling of renewal and restless movement.

A formal dining room clad in French panelling see nostalgic childhood memories of an enchanted forest come to life. Using a communal antique mirror dining table and a curved banquet, upholstered in silk velvet with an ethereal dreamscape embroidery, the space reflects that of an ancient fantasy novel, where the beauty of nature proves to be sanctuary of serenity with accents of the surreal.