Imaginary Mirror

Unexpected moments of beauty created via the subtle complexities of reflection was our primary idea behind the reinvention of a private residence into a revolutionary clinic. Quiet and discrete on the outside, the interior combines flashes of artisanal luxury with pared-back elegance and finely calibrated custom detailing.

Our focus was to communicate the unique approach and work of Dr Joseph Hkeik. Trained as a sculptor, he follows the belief that the human physique goes beyond perfect symmetry, and that true beauty is found in the unexpected aspects of one’s face. It was this radical take on the cosmetic process that incited the concept for the interior. That of an imaginary mirror; where every area of the clinic was conceived as if two perpendicular mirrors were joined and angled, creating an unexpected reflection and fragment of the human form, showcasing a dreamlike image of one’s self.

Exploring the world of metallic, we identified unique hues of golds, bronze and silver which became key elements in creating an ephemeral and transformative journey. Upon entry, an other worldly hand-woven gold metal screen, by French artisan Sophie Mallebranche greets clients. The sculptural bronze reception desk of precise angular panels in linished bronze reminds each client of the proficiency of the clinic, whilst the softness of the fabric wrapped wall panels make the space welcoming and calm. 

The foyer is at once mesmerising and rarefied, whereas the waiting room is familiar, with the feeling of a luxurious residential salon complete with artworks, books and objets d’art. As one continues their journey to their future self, an arched corridor inspired by the work of lighting artist James Turell lined in Armani silk and lurex wallpaper, is uplit to create a golden ceiling and a magical illusion of never-ending. The corridor culminates in high gloss lacquer arched doors to incite a dramatic arrival to Dr Hkeik’s consultation suite. 

Hkeik’s interest in fashion and photography finds expression in the display of his private art collection which celebrates a diversity of beauty and has resonance in his own office where there is a heightened level of tactility. An embossed indigo leather desk, suiting-wool clad walls, Loro Piana cashmere covered chairs and rare Macassar timbers create a personalised space that is the polar opposite of clinical.