Decode + Deconstruction

Working within the confines of what is ostensibly a luxe version of a classic American Hamptons-style house proved to see us subvert the predictable and deliver on the brief with a twist of unexpected.

Infusing philosophies of the Dutch De Stijl movement and one of its prime thinkers, artist Piet Mondrian, we drew a preference for the abstraction of form and colour, straight lines and clear definitions of space and applied in a new way.

Calibrating a sense of proportion and ordered symmetry, a predominance of vertical and horizontal lines, chance flashes of colour and moments where traditional style is coded with contemporary design detailing.

Moments of delight include the hidden bar which, when open, transform a daytime space into a magical, gleaming entertaining area. Inspired by the era of Frank Sinatra and the raising of the flag. The bar is open.