Conscious Constructivism

For a public relations practice, with an emphasis on the intersections of fashion, new technologies and contemporary luxury, we developed a strong visual language through a rich material palette and manipulation of space.

Merging a series of rooms, all connected by the motif of lines which play out in a variety of ways, and declares itself from the very outset, at the constructivist inspired front door. 

Once inside, lines such as bronze skirting, the tops of angled bannisters and the deep doorway entrances, also edged in brushed bronze, manage to navigate between tradition and contemporary, in a way that echoes how the PR brand is both anchored and innovative.

Public relations a business underpinned by the quality of its connections and relationships, something that the dynamism of the lines, crossing or aligning, points to in a number of ingenious ways. 

The controlled interior palette serves to enhance mood and create atmosphere with its play of sensuous finishes—glossy black surfaces, polished concrete and plaster, brushed bronze, deep-toned leathers and shimmery velvet—in ways that are decisive and dramatic. The boardroom dials up the gravitas with its combination of marble, formal leather chairs and rigid, enveloping curtaining which cocoons and quiets the space.