Brutal Decadence

Inspired by the idea of taking a modern, simplistic architectural shell and cloaking it with a new layer, we essentially recreated the interior of the home. We were taken by this idea of imposing a new sense of opulence through very simple and almost brutalist detailing.

Brutal decadence as we have self-named the concept, describes the referencing of modernist architecture, yet executing highly detailed moments of decadence within strong geometry and form.

We see this project forging a new, refined design aesthetic that is both highly detailed alike traditional classic architecture yet completely modern in its aesthetic value.

Inspired by the brutalist concept of layering simplistic block-like forms, we created an interior where all the details speak to one another. It’s this consistency of stepped form throughout, that brings a new life and common interest to every room, with the same ratio of step used in each detail no matter what it’s scale.