Intercontinental Perth

Interior Design
Furniture + Lighting Design
Carpet Design
Interior Styling
Signage + Wayfinding
Art Commission + Curation
This is the finest hotel in Australia’s fastest-growing city. We gave it the opulence and elegance it deserved.

We renovated this vast hotel with an attention to detail rarely seen in a large development.

The corridors, we remade in the image of the atrium, with long swathes of custom inlay carpet and matching furniture, all bathed in the ambient light of concealed lamps. The rooms, we divided into separate zones with black timber portals, to open them up and create a sense of space. We remade everything in the rooms, from the signs on the doors to the trays that hold the soap and toothbrushes. We tried not to let any part remain untouched.

When we had finished, the hotel had become an extraordinary place. We watched as new guests walked into the lobby, and then stopped and stared up into the atrium, thrilled and astounded.